Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kauffman Foundation Kansas City mural 8x32 feet (detail)

This detail of the mural, my favorite of the 16 48x48" panels, I will actually be disappointed to see go. It depicts the early stage of Kansas City history on the far left of the mural base.

Kauffman Foundation Kansas City mural 8x32 feet

Finally complete after almost three years of stops and starts, mostly waiting on decisions from Kauffman and the placement of over two hundred (?) individuals, I finally get to see the piece all together. After all these months I was never able to see more than six 48x48" panels on a makeshift easel because of the limited size of my studio. Now, with a digital capture just under two GBites - I can see it turned out pretty much like my initial color study. Now, to process and create a full size print for installation on site in Kansas City.

Bear 16x24"

This little painting suggests a new direction for me. Instead of worrying about "over-designing" the natural elements as I have for all these years; bending a limb to create a curve I want or setting up a dead-fall to complete a diagonal. I am not apologizing any more! I am going full bore in the direction of making these organic elements do as I need them to do! Perhaps it will make a pleasing and fun scene, not meant to be realistic, but tell a story... In this case, celebrating the return of Black Bears to Missouri.