Thursday, October 20, 2011

Taos Powwow, "Women Record Their Men" 24x36" painting

The 24x36" painting depicts a scene my daughter and I witnessed on a trip to Taos, New Mexico where Native American women recorded their men in a sacred drum circle. It will be included in a show of southwest subjects at American Legacy Gallery in Kansas City for the month of November.

Monday, October 10, 2011

"Legends of St Albans" mural series - painting 2

"German Settlement (The Murder of John Ridenhaur)" 50x34" - is the second in a series of paintings/murals for the historic Studio of St Albans, the original castle-like 1920's residence of the Johnson family. The current owner has commissioned the series to tell stories of the area gleaned from the book, "St Albans, the History of a Missouri River Town" by the late Lucie F. Huger. The painting depicts John Ridenhaur, the last "white man" killed by Indians in Franklin County in 1813. He repeatedly declined to sell his magnificent horse to the Osage, some of the braves wanting to give the horse as a gift to their chief.