Thursday, November 17, 2011

Behrer Woods 9x24" study

Intending to get to this years ago when I snapped a series of views at my friends John and Carole Behrer's land near Rhineland, Missouri, I have finally created a little study that I think has promise for a larger version. It was tempting to include a little crooked man with a little crooked cane, but instead I think I'll emphasize the geometry of the right angles of the trees against the softness of the rolling shapes beyond. I think it satisfies because of the monochromatic nature of the season. I'm looking forward to getting to a size that challenges...

Augusta Bottoms Consort 16x24" painting

Depicting a wonderful October day in Treloar, Missouri, friends Michael,Gloria, Rebecca and Paul making up Augusta Bottoms Consort, play their original music to benefit the Katy Land Trust. The KLT hosted an unveiling of the Treloar grain elevator murals kicking off their purpose; to promote the idea of land preservation along the Katy Trail. There, under the shade of a huge cottonwood tree, the breeze blew softly and the music flowed rhythmically while friends and admirers chatted. Couldn't have been any better.