Sunday, September 2, 2012

Notes On A Scale - 40x60"

Notes On A Scale - 40x60" is one in a collection of new paintings to be exhibited at the Kodner Gallery for the month of October, 2012 with an opening reception on October 5th.

Stone Harvesting 24x36"

Stone Harvesting - 24x36" is one in a collection of new paintings to be exhibited at the Kodner Gallery for the month of October, 2012 with an opening reception on October 5th.

Katy Land Trust - 14x68"

"Katy Land Trust" is a 14x68" landscape not far from the artist's studio meant to inspire land preservation notions of our Missouri River Valley. Dan and Connie Burkhardt, founders of the KLT encourage land owners along the Katy Trail to conserve their property in conservation easements for the preservation of farms and forests for future generations.

Bryan Mill - 1850, Femme Osage, Missouri

This 18x80" painting was commissioned to depict an 1850 scene of the historic and newly rehabilitated stone barn, the Bryan Mill: Daniel Boone arrived in Missouri in 1799. Among the first 20 families, which accompanied him, was Jonathan Bryan. Jonathan was raised by Rebecca (Bryan) Boone and Daniel Boone in Kentucky as one of their own children.

As a member of the original settlers, Jonathan received Spanish land grant 301, where he constructed a Gristmill in 1801, one mile West of Daniel Boone’s home. This gristmill was used to process wheat and flour being planted in the Femme Osage Valley. The gristmill operated until the 1880s when it was converted to a barn. It has recently been reconstructed in the original spirit of its founder, Jonathan Bryan. The mill lies about one mile west of the Daniel Boone home and was slave built by brother-in-law of Daniel and Rebecca Boone, Jonathan Bryan.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kansas City Southern Railroad mural 40x80"

The "History of the KCS" 40x80" painting was delivered yesterday and is now on its way to hang in the Stilwell room of Union Station, Kansas City for the 125th anniversary gala of Kansas City Southern. It will eventually be enlarged into a 16 foot wide mural for the room, while the painting will hang in the KCS headquarters building.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Kauffman Kansas City mural installation

Installation of the 8x32 foot mural is complete with help of friend and gallery owner that represented my work with the client and continues to support me in many ways, Jack Olsen of American Legacy Gallery. Placing the twenty interlocking panels took about four hours and went smoothly, Kauffman staff and principals being very pleased.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kauffman Foundation Kansas City mural 8x32 feet (detail)

This detail of the mural, my favorite of the 16 48x48" panels, I will actually be disappointed to see go. It depicts the early stage of Kansas City history on the far left of the mural base.

Kauffman Foundation Kansas City mural 8x32 feet

Finally complete after almost three years of stops and starts, mostly waiting on decisions from Kauffman and the placement of over two hundred (?) individuals, I finally get to see the piece all together. After all these months I was never able to see more than six 48x48" panels on a makeshift easel because of the limited size of my studio. Now, with a digital capture just under two GBites - I can see it turned out pretty much like my initial color study. Now, to process and create a full size print for installation on site in Kansas City.

Bear 16x24"

This little painting suggests a new direction for me. Instead of worrying about "over-designing" the natural elements as I have for all these years; bending a limb to create a curve I want or setting up a dead-fall to complete a diagonal. I am not apologizing any more! I am going full bore in the direction of making these organic elements do as I need them to do! Perhaps it will make a pleasing and fun scene, not meant to be realistic, but tell a story... In this case, celebrating the return of Black Bears to Missouri.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Gateway Arch Mural - study

This 24x36" preliminary study for the Gateway Arch mural 1964 Arch construction scene was dusted off and "finished" the other day. Kodner Gallery (of Ladue) suggested I frame and deliver as a client that collects only studies of notable works is interested in seeing the piece. This began with a sienna "ground" as a base over the drawing, something I haven't used in years, but I am reminded of the overall warmth it gives to the finished piece, and am thinking it might be good for a large painting to be started in a few days.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Studio Mural series - 48x72" painting "Dr. Kinkaid"

Dr. Peter Kinkaid (1795-1861), a Scotsman and founder of St. Albans, Missouri in 1837 wrote in his diary describing a night when he was called out to tend to an ailing neighbor. Traveling through the thickly timbered bottom land along the Missouri River returning from his doctoring call, a violent storm began to sweep over him and while still mounted, he took refuge in the hollow trunk of an enormous sycamore tree. The 48x72" painting is now installed and hangs in the staircase of the 1925 restored "Studio" of St. Albans.