Friday, January 6, 2012

Gateway Arch Mural - study

This 24x36" preliminary study for the Gateway Arch mural 1964 Arch construction scene was dusted off and "finished" the other day. Kodner Gallery (of Ladue) suggested I frame and deliver as a client that collects only studies of notable works is interested in seeing the piece. This began with a sienna "ground" as a base over the drawing, something I haven't used in years, but I am reminded of the overall warmth it gives to the finished piece, and am thinking it might be good for a large painting to be started in a few days.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Studio Mural series - 48x72" painting "Dr. Kinkaid"

Dr. Peter Kinkaid (1795-1861), a Scotsman and founder of St. Albans, Missouri in 1837 wrote in his diary describing a night when he was called out to tend to an ailing neighbor. Traveling through the thickly timbered bottom land along the Missouri River returning from his doctoring call, a violent storm began to sweep over him and while still mounted, he took refuge in the hollow trunk of an enormous sycamore tree. The 48x72" painting is now installed and hangs in the staircase of the 1925 restored "Studio" of St. Albans.