Thursday, December 30, 2010

Road to Taos 12x24" original painting

Finally had some time to create this 12x24" painting from reference collected when my daughter Demi and I took a trip to New Mexico this last summer. We were headed up to the Taos ski valley to see a string quartet performance of Beethoven at the St Bernard Hotel School of Music when we saw this scene. We had just been inspired and humbled at the Ernest Blumenshien and Nicholi Fechin Museums, oh boy...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

McAtee's Horses 24x36" original painting

While running past my neighbor's pasture off of Grand Army Road, his horses, not unintelligent beings - as they are gathered in the woods taking shelter from the hot sun and the flies, always have a look that seems to wonder, "what the heck are you doing?" This painting attempts to capture that moment. It has just been delivered to the Kodner Gallery in Ladue.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Missouri Botanical Garden commission

Novus International has commissioned two paintings from BHStudio to be included (by summer) in the MOBOT permanent collection. They are to honor Dr. Peter Raven's contribution to the Garden and to the world. Immersing myself in Dr. Raven's biography, I focused on his research in the "Co-Evolution of Pollinators and the Evening Primrose":


After completing this sketch I talked with John Behrer, friend and director of the Shaw Nature Reserve who is very familiar with the work of Dr. Raven, and he suggested I broaden the subject to include his work collecting plants across the globe, particularly in equatorial regions. A portion of a quote by Dr. Raven became "Diversity - The Palette of Sustainability":

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Katy Land Trust - outdoor boards

My friends Dan & Connie Burkhardt founded the Katy Land Trust to create a permanent green-way along the Katy Trail. Yesterday we met with the DNR and proposed using artwork to create huge outdoor boards to attach to thirteen historic grain elevators along Missouri's most visited State Park, the Katy Trail. The first, the Treloar elevator, should look like this Photoshopped composite by spring.
Using existing artwork, I suggested this image, "Osage Lane" to use as a retro styled poster/billboard.

Navvis & Co youtube video

My client Michael Farris comments with me on my 25 foot mural I created for his thriving health care consulting firm. I have a hard time looking at it as my lizard-like visage squeaks out an uncomprehensible opinion...

Gateway Arch ticket booth mural project

Drawings for my latest project have taken a new direction. They are for a mural measuring 15x27 feet to be placed behind the new ticketing counter at the Arch.